I am Dr. Nasir Raza Awan


Brain is the stuff I’m into! I am a neurosurgeon.

But . . .

Despite the fact that neurosurgery is mainly a physical specialty, I am more interested in its behavioral and mental aspects. My real fascinations include stereotactic, functional and psycho-behavioral neurosurgery. I am fascinated by the therapeutic possibilities at the interface between psychiatry and neurosurgery, including neural implantation and deep brain stimulation.

I am an avid reader of science fiction and fact. Other topics of my interest include philosophy and religion.

I am also an amateur astronomer. My special interests are astrophysics, cosmology, and observational astronomy.


I am interested in music, both Eastern classical as well as Western. I write songs, compose music and sing. I also play keyboard, harmonica, guitar, drums, and sitar. I have performed at several amateur concerts.

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